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What sellers have to say about Epsilo

‍The Epsilo team was agile in addressing our business needs and the in-platform marketing product helped us tremendously in driving higher ROAS.

Karen Mak
Digital Performance Media Director

Ecommerce demands a change in old ways of working and increased emphasis on advertising on the platforms. Doing this effectively requires new tools, automation, and data-driven insights. From automating our on-site search optimization to creating a real time visibility of our sales performance, Epsilo helped transform our ideas into reality.

Jitu Bordoloi
Regional Ecommerce Manager

Epsilo's search management tool is a lifesaver that helps our teams manage our on-site search buying and optimization efficiently at scale. The Epsilo team was excellent with response time and demonstrated know-how to win in search via their thorough reports.

Bei Xi Teh
Regional Ecommerce Manager

Epsilo shows the power of automation, it shows the power of technology and it shows the power of data. These types [positive] of results can be seen across multiple platforms and is a huge gain for our brand that we witnessed in the past quarter and will continue to do so moving forward

Akshay Singh
Head of Ecommerce

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