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One dashboard to control and achieve your ecommerce business goals

1. Unify

Easily manage multiple campaigns across stores, products, platforms and countries to save precious time and maximize sales.

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2. Grow

Increase ads GMV and conversion rates through effective bidding to target shoppers with high intent to purchase your products.

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3. Simplify

Automate operations through rule management and set up shop alerts to save time and reduce unnecessary ad spend.

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4. Collaborate

Customise intelligence and performance reports for your team to turn data into actionable insights and stay ahead of competition.

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Before Epsilo

Products go out of stock, ad spend is wasted on keywords that don’t convert to sales, tough to see how campaigns are performing, and people are stressed

After Epsilo

Campaigns are managed in one place, keyword bidding is automated, ad spend is set to drive the best returns, and next steps to enhance sales performance is clear

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